Why they call it java and why java is represented by coffee beans or cup of coffee?

Why water is called water and sky is called sky? There is no answer for that but “why java is called java” have a interesting story behind it. Explore it and let your friends know about it.

Oak was the previous name of Java, but since it was already trademarked at that time, so there is needed to decide a new name for this programming language and a meeting was called to decide a new name which was attended by all active members who was working on this language.

Marketing team wanted a name that include “web” or “net” so that it reach out to public easily but developers are looking for some unique name. Lots of words were yelled out and discussed. Long discussion carried place and every individual have its own opinion on one or another name.

Meeting was called for naming of jJava
Meeting was called for naming

All at a once, one of the members in meeting while having a cup of coffee (also called Java) in his hands made clear that we cannot give a name like “Java” (coffee), he picked ‘Java’ as an example of yet another name that would never work, It was the first time when they think Java can also be a good name but at that time they do not know whether it is already trademarked or not.

Other names in the race were “DNA” and “silk” and voting was done to finalize name and “Java won out”. After that it was passed to lawyer to check for trademark and it passed. Since then it is called Java. Since Java is another name of coffee so it is always represented by a cup of coffee or coffee beans.

Just imagine the language in which thousands of developers are writing code in was named unintentional.
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