Why are most of the people in the software industry unhappy with their lives?

I generally like surfing Quora when I feel sufficiently sluggish to do any of my pending work. As I am a software engineer, my mouse stop scrolling over when I  saw question ” Why are most of the people in the software industry unhappy with their lives?”. Below that there was answer from Jitender S Bhatia:-

  • He wants to write code. But is assigned to bug fixing.
  • His cousins think he is a Scientist. In reality his work is often clerical.
  • He floats to office. After 2 hour trek through traffic.


  • He hides his office badge. When hailing a auto – to avoid software engineer tax.
  • His relatives think he sits in a fancy cabin. A small cubicle is the reality.

cubical in IT

  • He has an Engineering degree. Now stuck in a WHILE loop.
  • His best friend works on Big Data. He is struggling with Core Java.
  • His childhood friend lives at Riverfront, Florida, USA. He lives near Silkboard Junction, Next to XYZ Bakery.

home software engineer

  • He appears for interviews. To find his stagnant market value.
  • He pays 30% surcharge on house rent. Because landlord suspects he earns a lot.
  • His mother asks him over phone if he had dinner. He says Yes. And then boils Maggi.
  • When his neighbour’s kid calls him Uncle. He goes deaf.
  • He finds difficulty in completing his mandatory working hours.software engineer lunch
  • He has a friend circle which he calls “lunch buddies”.

  • His life is all about swipes, sometimes he even look for a radical machine in washroom for swiping his access card.


  • Idea of startup was always in his back head, which he dreams to execute, but never gather that much courage to take initiative.startup
  • Writing blogs for inner satisfaction and waiting for people to click ads on his blog to earn some “paise” and not even rupee.

But He is an Engineer. He will find a way.

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