What is the username and password for WinSCP login – WordPress Managed Website?

Struck in while accessing with your site/blog from FTP/SMTP server by using a username of your WordPress administrator account? It is not the username and password that you are considering for that of wp-administrator of wordpress. WinSCP login requires different username and password.

Some of the errors it through because of wrong WinSCP login credentials are:-
-Timeout detected (control connection) Connection Failed
-Authentication with pre entered password failed -access denied.
-No connection could be made made because target machine actively refused it-connection failed

Many a times you need to log in through FTP/SMTP server in case you are not able to access admin page, then you need login id and password and many of you are baffled when it shows wrong username and password. So here are a few steps to follow:

1. Login to Host Provider account ( Godaddy is my host provider) and navigate to your account.
You will find Manage WordPress Website.

too many redirects in wordpress while accessing wp-admin

2.Go to basic settings and choose SFTP user.

Basic Settings
Basic Settings


3.You can see username and password here. There is also option for change of password.

SFTP details
SFTP details

4. Open WINSCP and use it here.


Hope it can solve your problem. Keep in mind if you ever lose those credentials to other people, then you should worry about. At that point hacker can evacuate the majority of your site/blog contents without your authorisation and you can do nothing.

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