What force Google to change its logo?

Google logo has seen lots of transformations during his splendous journey from 1998 till now. Over time, the company made certain small changes to its logo like removing the shadows & tweaking letter spacing. Nothing else has changed about the iconic logo.

This time it is a Giant Leap.It looks like google just change the font family from serif wordmark font to sans serif typeface, which incidentally is Google’s creation. But wait, What Google has done is itself a benchmark for others. It is not just Fonts but Giant Leap.

If you are from Computer background, you must be aware of Bezier curves. What you know is what google implemented. Bézier curves are widely used in computer graphics to model smooth curves with the help of anchor points which results in increase of image size. Google replaces Beizer curves with shapes like circle and rectangle.

Old logo:-

google old logo

  • The old logo uses a serif font which can only be created using bezier curves.
  • All together, it has 100 anchor points, resulting in a 6 KB (6,380 bytes) file.
  • When compressed, the size comes down to 2 KB (2,145 bytes).

New Logo:-

google new logo

  • A simplified version of the new logo, on the other hand, can be constructed almost entirely from circles and rectangles-sans serif typeface (with the exception of the lower-case g).
  • 10 Circles (2 each for the capital G and lower case g, 2 for each O, and 2 for the e).
  • 5 Rectangles (2 for the capital G, 1 for the lower case l, 2 for the e).
  • 1 shape made with 7 Anchor points  (the descender on the lower-case g).
  • Size of new logo is 305 Byte.

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