What are the different Eclipse Versions | Comparison

Different eclipse versions, you know, are Luna, Mars, Neon – what does what, which is the Java one I should download?

List of Eclipse Versions released over the years are :-

Oxygen June 2017
Neon 22 June 2016
 Mars 24 June 2015
 Luna 25 June 2014
 Kepler 26 June 2013
 Juno 27 June 2012
 Indigo 22 June 2011
 Helios 23 June 2010
 Galileo 24 June 2009
 Ganymede 25 June 2008
 Europa 29 June 2007
 Callistro 30 June 2006
 Eclipse 3.1 28 June 2005
 Eclipse 3.0 28 June 2004

Tell me the differences
These Eclipse versions have differences like

  • Plugins
  • More User Friendly
  • More Updates, Utility, Efficient
  • Shortcuts and each and everyone is better from previous version. Don’t you think so?

As Oxygen was released it had more support and better than Neon and Mars. But as more future versions are released the support and stability becomes better.

How the names are decided?
Eclipse versions have been named after different celestial bodies, more specifically, planets or planets natural satellites such as Europa, Ganymede, Callisto, Galileo and Luna.

Community have projects Project Neon (stands for Neon) that was started for the improvements in Project Mars. Remember your college days where you used to give project a name to distinguish from your mates. Mine was Remote Mouse.

How about we use the year it comes out to version it.
So, Neon would be Eclipse IDE 2016, Oxygen becomes Eclipse IDE 2017 and so on.

I would always prefer to use the latest version of eclipse.

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