How to show or hide widgets on certain posts and pages in WordPress

At times certain widgets need to be hidden from or shown on selected pages or posts only. For example you might want to remove a sidebar advertisement from “About Us” page. How would you show or hide widgets ?

So in this post we are going to talk about some plugins that provide users with the ability to selectively show or hide widgets on specific pages or posts.

5 Plugins that make your life easy :-

I would recommend Display widget for its simplicity.

It adds a set of configuration options in each widget box, where you can specify to either hide or show the widget in a given set of pages or posts specified by id.

Steps to go:-

  1. Install Display Widget Plugin
  2. Got to Appearance -> Widget on your WordPress dashboard.
  3. Inspect previous widgets and you will see newly added configuration option i.e. show widget for .

show or hide widgets

If you want to show widget :-

  • On only posts and not on home page and other pages then select Miscellaneous -> Single Post option for that widget.
  • On only homepage then you can select Miscellaneous -> Front option for that widget.
  • On only pages then select pages -> page name for that widget.
  • On selective category posts then select Categories -> your category name for that widget.

Did you notice the flaw?
“Do not say No because it has”. Suppose you have 100 posts and you want to alter your website/blog such that you have to show or hide widgets different combinations on “every post”.

What might you do? Above expressed trap would help you for generic terms only i.e. “all” posts, “all” pages and “all” categories and not for single posts.

Answer to this problem should be done in next post.I am positive that newsletter will give a sneak peak so if you are curious then subscribe. If you like this article, help us spread the world and tell a friend about it.

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