What is rainbow technology?

Rainbow – Rain+Sunlight, Right? Here, rain drops are large amount of data and sunlight is color and color combinations(VIBGYOR). Grab a cup of coffee and read about rainbow technology 

Have you ever imagined of storing data in a paper instead of storing on a DVD/CD?  Curious to watch movies from paper(s)?

No longer we need to wait to turn our imagination into reality. A major breakthrough in data storage is booming up through rainbow technology.

rainbow technology
A sample rainbow storage in paper

What is rainbow technology?

  • It is digital data storage technique that stores up to 450 GB on just a piece of paper.
  • As the name implies, data is stored in the form of color combinations and some symbols known as rainbow format and finally, a rainbow picture is produced.
  • Text , image, audio/video files are encoded as coloured circles, triangles, squares and so on.
  • The storage disk from paper developed using this technology is termed as RVD (RAINBOW VERSATILE DISK) similar to CD/DVD.

How is the data stored?

  • All our data is in machine language 0’s and 1’s.
  • 0’s and 1’s are replaced by color dots with each dot storing minimum 1 byte. A movie of 1GB can have 1e+9 color dots.
  • The rainbow picture is compressed to a color medium and then scanned.
  • Printing at 1,200 DPI (dots per inch) leads to a maximum of 1,440,000 colored dots per square inch.

rainbow technology

Data is in paper now. We will read that paper in next step.

How to retrieve the data?

  • The rainbow prints are read using specialised software scanners exclusively developed for this technology to fit inside laptops, phones and more devices.
  • The data in paper is  scanned and read from the device’s monitor.

Principals Used:-

  • Principle I: Every color can be converted into some values and from the  values, colors or color combinations are generated.
  • Principle II: Every different color or color combinations produces different values.


  • The RVD (RAINBOW VERSATILE DISC) and rainbow cards are in the size of a SIM card.
  • Cost effective.
  • Paper can be bio-degradable compared to CD/DVD.
  • An alternative to paper is plastic sheets recycled from waste plastic materials.

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