Welcome back Ms-Paint | Microsoft had realized its mistake?


Ms-Paint is not dead..!! Microsoft takes just 24 hours to realise the emotions attached with their own Ms-Paint. An official blog of Microsoft says “classic image-editing app is not going anywhere except to the windows store for free..!! “.

It has been seen that people started tweeting their favorite memories with #ms-paint and #microsoft. It is like a reality show drama in which Microsoft also carried by the emotions and decided to move Ms-Paint to windows store.

This is what Microsoft has to say :-

Today, we’ve seen an incredible outpouring of support and nostalgia around MS Paint. If there’s anything we learned, it’s that after 32 years, MS Paint has a lot of fans. It’s been amazing to see so much love for our trusty old app. Amidst today’s commentary around MS Paint we wanted to take this opportunity to set the record straight, clear up some confusion and share some good news:

MS Paint is here to stay, it will just have a new home soon, in the Windows Store where it will be available for free.

Microsoft had given the diplomatic answer. Ms-Paint is not murdered like it stated yesterday, rather it has retired and will live a new life in windows store. Ultimately Paint 3D will be available by default.

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