Microsoft has Murdered Ms-Paint | Ms-Paint to be Kicked off


Microsoft Paint has been signalled for death after serving for 32 long years since Microsoft first version in 1985. I would rather prefer to say ” Ms-Paint has retired “. 

What was your first assignment in this little computer world?
If I conduct a poll who has not used the Ms-Paint in their life, at that point likely I would not get any vote.

My paint – My story :-

In my childhood days of late 90’s, computer was all about paint at least for me. Removing Ms-Paint is like removing a favourite piece of old furniture from my childhood home.

In-fact, my zeal to establish carrer in computer science was inspired by Ms-Paint and god know how many graphic designers started their carrer with Ms-Paint with its astonishing features.

Even today when I got frustrated with my programming errors, I just open paint and start scribble something out with the mouse.

But why?

Microsoft is looking its future in "Paint 3D"  with Windows 10 creator update and hence marking end of the road for the classic image-editing app.

So later this year, when you update your computer to the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, don’t forget to pour one out for Paint.

UPDATE 1:- Just after 24 hours, Welcome back Paint | Microsoft had realized its mistake?

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