Java 10 Features

java 10 features value type

It might seem a bit early to start speculating about Java 10 before Java9 has even launched. There are hints about Java 10 Features ……

First one in the list is Value Type

Values types could bridge the gap between primitive data type and Object, providing an intermediate ‘object’ which combines most of the benefits of Objects and primitives.

  • Two Value Types would be compared by fields directly, even for == checks, much like primitive types.

Java 10 Features

  • The ValueType variables are entirely copied when passing them as a parameter to a function, rather than typically just getting a copy of the reference to an object. This allows you to treat a small object as if it were a value type like int or boolean.

“Value Type is highly-efficient small ‘objects’ without inheritance”.

Small object means it should be used for objects that only have a few fields, as the whole content of the object is going to be copied repeatedly when we pass Value Type objects to function. Large objects would be better served with passes by reference.

Without Inheritance means that you won’t be able to use polymorphism for Value Type objects. Because Value Types are meant to be stored directly, like primitive values, they don’t include any class information, so the JVM must always be able to infer what the object is from the program itself, instead of from any information on the object.

Java 10 Feature – List Generic Specialization


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