Is Java Pure Object Oriented Programming Language?

Its’s been a long time when I wrote my last post. So I welcome myself with a word “pure object oriented”.

Starting with a simple question, What is an object oriented?

  • Object oriented is a programming paradigm based on the concept of objects.
  • The Object contains data in the form of fields.
  • The Object contains code in form of procedures/functions.

Language following this paradigm along with additional features such as inheritance, abstraction is object oriented language.

What is so different in pure object oriented language?
In pure object oriented language “everything” is object.

Java has a class and objects. Also, it supports inheritance, abstraction, etc. Then we can call Java, a pure object-oriented language?

Have you used data types in Java such as int, char, byte, etc. Are they objects?
No. then how can Java be a pure object oriented language.

What are you waiting for? I guess you got your answer, Java is not a pure object-oriented language. Explore more posts from my blog.

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