How to change theme of android studio?

The Default theme of android studio is set as a white background which did not give an impression of developer and so many enthusiastic developers want to change it.

How do I change Android studio editor’s background color?
How to change UI of android studio?

So I write this guide for those enthusiastic developers who wants to enjoy programming in android studio on both windows and Mac 🙂

There are two themes provided by google in android studio i.e. Dracula and default but there exists hundreds of themes which can be used in android studio.

Without taking much of your time I am explaining how to change the default theme to Dracula in android studio.Also you can visit how to revert back from Dracula to Default here.

1. First look

Default Theme

2. Change Default theme of android studio to Dracula

In windows

  • Go to File -> Settings -> Editor -> Color and Fonts. In schema name select Dracula and click on OK and apply to see awesome dark background theme of android studio.
select dracula under schema name

In mac

  • Go to Android studio -> Preference -> (under the heading IDE setting) Editor -> colors & Fonts -> Java -> Schema name -> Dracula. You see adorable Dracula background theme of android studio.

3. The Final look

Final look

I hope this change your programming experience on Android studio. But any time if you want to revert back or add custom themes of your choice to android studio then visit this blog post.

Also,you should know that you can also change the theme of android studio to custom themes. Visit here to see a list of themes you can use with android studio.I pefer solarised light theme if you want to use a custom theme for android studio.

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