How To Add Sticky Widget in WordPress SideBar

Some call it Fixed Widgets, some pronounce sticky widgets and others call it floating widgets. Although all are same..!!

If your blog has sidebars, why waste the visible space by keeping it blank when users scroll across your page?

Widgets or ads in sidebar often get disappeared when user scrolls down on post and making them floating widgets (sticky) can be fruitful.

For that we are going to use Q2W3 Fixed widget plugin. This is the simplest plugin which did not require any kind of configuration.

Steps to go:-

fixed widget in sidebar floating widgets

  • Go to Appearance -> Widget.
  • Click on the widget that you want to make sticky. The plugin adds a Fixed Widget option.

fixed widget in wordpress

  • Check on Fixed Widget option and save the changes.
  • Go to your live site and see your widget as floating sticky widget,

you can make one or more than one widget sticky.

If you dare to change the configuration of Q2W3 Fixed Widget ?

  • Go to Appearance -> Fixed Widget options.
  • You can change margin top and margin bottom, which indicate white-space before and after the floating widget.

q2w3 fixed widget

  • Stop Id” – If you want your fixed widget to “stop float” before the particular html tag, namely “Footer” then provide footer id in the stop id text box. “My footer id is colophon” so my widget stop before the footer.

stop id in q2w3

  • There are also options for disable on phones and tablet.


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We hope you would be running floating widgets now. More post to follow on sticky menu. Do not forgot to Comment ..!!

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