How many tabs you can open in Google Chrome?

Google Chrome tabs :- How much  you have tried? I bet not more than me to find answer to this question, but I failed. It is much more than what I had expected.

Anxiously waiting for that golden digit?

  • The answer is as many as you can and it solely depends upon your computer power (Processor and RAM).
  • A typical 8GB RAM and i7 Processor can crash out your google chrome for around ~9600 tabs.
  • If you have 4GB RAM and cheap processor than it can crash out at ~8000 tabs.
  • Smartphone shows you smile symbol after you open 100 tabs, but you can still add tabs.

google chrome


  • After I pass about 50 tabs, I can no longer see the favicons that help me distinguish tabs apart.
  • When nearing 70 tabs, I can no longer see any text from the page title; all I see is 70 little bumps.
  • The first 3k can be opened in less than a minute, but as you get close to 10k it takes about a second per tab.

How is it possible to open 1000’s tabs?

chrome vs mozilla

  • Chrome,creates a new process for each tab or tab group, allowing it to use as much ram as it needs.
  • Other browsers including mozila restrict to 64 bit RAM usage limit.

Don’t you want to know how I got this magical number?
I wrote one script on my Linux system.

for count in `seq 1 10000`
     echo "Opened Tab: " $count
	 chrome ""

It will open tab 10000 tabs continuously and “print opened Tab : count number”. What I see is chrome gets crashed at 9601 tabs, so that is a magical number for me.

How to handle lots of google chrome tabs

Thanks for reading patiently.
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2 thoughts on “How many tabs you can open in Google Chrome?

  1. Hmmmm
    When my Haswell i5, 16Gb 2133 Ram, Asus RoG, RX590 Desktop gets to 50+ tabs, the whole system starts to glitch to a crawl sometimes. Most of the time.
    The SSD still has plenty of room (as do most of the gaming Hard Drives).
    Its annoyed me for years.
    ONLY FOR GOOGLE(/Chrome) My old AMD64 x2 XP rig with 4Gb Ram worked smoother.
    Yep, I have done all the usual CMD online healthcheck and Malwarebytes.
    It`s like my PC is being re-routed through some Government agency before the keypresses get back to my screen.

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