Getting started with Python | Installation | Hello World

An interpreted, object-oriented, high-level programming language with the name “python” is grabbing programmer’s attention.

This is a 200 words blog post for beginners to install python, setting up environment and write first  programme.

Step 1 :- Installation

download python

  • Double click on the icon of the file that you just downloaded.
  • Accept the default options given to you until you get to the Finish button. Your installation is complete.

Step 2 :- Setting up the Environment

  • Starting at My Computer go to the following directory C:\Pythonxx. In that folder you should see all the Python files.
  • Copy that address starting with C: and ending with xx and close that window.
  • Click on Start. Right Click on My Computer.
  • Click on Properties. Click on Advanced System Settings or Advanced.

python windows environmental variable

  • Click on Environment Variables.

python windows environmental variable


  • Under System Variables search for the variable Path.

python windows environmental variable

  • Select Path by clicking on it. Click on Edit.

python windows environmental variable

  • Scroll all the way to the right of the field called Variable value using the right arrow.
  • Add a semi-colon (;) to the end and paste the path (to the Python folder) that you previously copied. Click OK.

Step 3:- Writing Your First Program

  • Open notepad or any other editor.
  • Write below code in editor:-

print("Hello World.!")

  • Save above file with name

Step 4:- Run Your First Python Program

  • Open command prompt and jump to the location where file is saved (you can use cd command to jump to the location)
  • Write  python in command prompt where is the name of file you saved in step3.

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