MTS is going “MAD” ? Is it just for fun or fear of Reliance JIO?

mts mblaze

I have an MTS Data card which I was using before the evolution of Reliance JIO. MTS was pretty happy to serve me 4GB data for 499RS.

Aftermath of Reliance JIO is MTS started giving me 7GB, than 10GB and now ready to give me 20GB for the same amount. But who cares in this JIOcoholic (JIO+Alcoholic).

I stopped using MTS and was smart enough to switch to JIO. Now see what happened with me. MTS dared to "BLACKMAIL" me. It started sending me message that

We have been observing that your MTS datacard is not being used for more than 90 days. Please recharge before 1 July and retain your number.

Reliance JIO vs MTS
Reliance JIO vs MTS

(Message for the month of June,July, August, September)

BUT who cares, See what happen next…..!!

Being a smart guy, I continue to use Reliance JIO. MTS thought that I will recharge it for the sake of retaining number and it used to send me message every month that recharge and retain your number.

Funniest thing ever in my life. In this competitive world who want to get out their once loyal customer 🙂

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