Blue Brain Technology

How a brain would be in blue in color? Then what is actually blue brain technology. Grab a cup of coffee and read this post.

What is Blue Brain Technology?

It is a technology to create a virtual brain that functions similar to a human brain.Currently, IBM is doing a research in this technology.

The idea is to reverse engineer the human brain .To recreate it at the cellular level inside a computer simulation using blue gene computer.

The design of Blue Gene/P is a technology evolution from Blue Gene/L. Each Blue Gene/P Compute chip contains four PowerPC 450 processor cores, running at 850 MHz.

Why Blue Brain?

  • We had the one of the world’s most intelligent person Albert Einstein with us but his intelligence could not be preserved still though his inventions exist.But with the help of this technology,a person’s intelligence in his brain could be preserved.
  • Storing in virtual brain can simulate the same intelligence even if the person dies.Blue brain can think,react and store memory as like a real human’s brain.Data is collected about all the many different neuron types. This data builds biologically realistic models of neurons and networks of neurons in the cerebral cortex.

How does it work?

  • It takes input through silicon chips or artificial neurons.
  • Uses artificial intelligence for processing the instructions.
  • Uses secondary memory for storage and retrieval of facts and knowledge.
  • It interprets through bits in the set of registers.

Uploading human brain

  • super computer with high processing power.
  • This technology uploads data stored in a human brain into the computer.
  • Nanobots do this work.
  • They monitor the structure of the central nervous system and provide interface to the artificial neurons.
  • A software program converts electric impulses as input from human brain to blue brain.
  • The simulations runs on a blue gene supercomputer built by IBM.

This machine simulates human brain for blue brain


  • Blue brain can cure parkinson’s disease due to loss of brain cells which is a neuro-degenerative disorder.
  • This would lead to an evolution of super computers.
  • Helps to preserve the knowledge and intelligence of human brain forever.
  • Nerve stimulations can make deaf people to hear.

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