As a software engineer, what’s the best skill set to have for the next 5-10 years?

If you think there is only one best skill you need to have as a software engineer for the next 5–10 years and it is writing the code then you have to worry about your future.

  • Multi-threading does not exist just in programming. It do exist in human life as well. Divide a project among many cores and get it done.

  • Communication is essentially just like memory bus, that connects all the internal components of a computer and allows transfer of data.

  • Humans greatest asset is attitude, the way he sees the world. Cultivate a positive attitude, remain positive for every milestone that comes on the way.

But that does not mean that you forgot your primary skills

  • Keep your pace in synch with “3V” i.e Velocity, Volume and Variety of data. Yes, I am talking about big data and IOT.

  • This is the time where you have to look into the security of your system. Cyber attacks are more often now-a-days, Petya and Wanna cry are a real example of it.

  • Mobile rules, there’s more smart phones and tablets out more there than PC’s, laptops, and notebooks. I think this will only continue. Time learning how to write apps and interfaces for mobile devices.
  • It’s time to ponder upon register level memory usage of your code.

Finally, do not let your sleep to become deadlock. Get some sleep.That’s probably the single greatest skill for a software engineer to have for the next 5-10 years, if ever.

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