What is Amazon Alexa?

Are you very busy that you don’t have time to book a cab or to order food or to schedule your daily tasks and what more? No worries of all these if you are aware of Amazon alexa.

What strikes your mind when you see the word amazon? I hope all would guess shopping but get ready to guess beyond your thoughts. Yeah, Amazon has introduced a device called Alexa which is more similar to a chatbot not just to chat but it also helps the user with daily tasks.

What is Amazon Alexa?

  • Alexa is a virtual assistant developed by Amazon,used in Amazon echo and Amazon Echo Dot smart speakers.
  • In our smart phones we may have several android applications to hear news,weather report,alarm,to-do-list,audio and video streaming,games,smart automation and lot more.
  • All these and even more can be done with alexa device.The special feature is that language is no barrier to alexa and it can help you in english,german and japanese languages.

Types of Amazon Alexa device:-

A virtual assistant of amazon.

  • dot
  • plus
  • spot
  • show

How to use Alexa?

  • Download Amazon alexa app from play store or amazon store and get to know the alexa skills available for your device.
  • You can search for alexa skills from alexa skill store from the  link: amazon.in/b
  • You can enable free skills or even paid skills for your alexa device once you discover required skill.
  • Alexa has an invocation name to wake it up and that is obviously the skill name.
  • For eg: If you want to book a cab through OLA,you have to say,  Alexa, Ask Ola to book a Prime”  ,And then your cab will be waiting out.
  • Don’t worry about invocation names,you can find them near the skill description in alexa store.

Hope now you are about to order alexa from amazon,then why waiting still,get an alexa and share your busy schedule with alexa.
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