How to become an Amazon Alexa Developer?

In the last post,Alexa would have amazed your mind and now do you wonder if you would be able to develop skills for alexa? Why not? Nothing is impossible.

Amazon has revealed that alexa is open source and it is a great gift for all aspires who wish to develop alexa skills .

Introduction to Amazon Web Services(aws)

AWS offers various cloud computing services for enrerprises and individuals. AWS offers free tier access for 12 months. Some of the amazon services used to develop alexa skills are

  • EC2
  • Lambda
  • Dynamo DB
  • S3
  • IOT core and many more.

Accounts required

In order to develop skills for alexa,user has to create an AWS account and an amazon developer account.

Steps in AWS account

  • Create your AWS account from aws management console.
  • If this is the first time you are going to develop,then its better to choose lambda service.

Choose lambda function as aws service

  • Select create function.

Choose blue print to choose skill skeleton according to your skill type.

  • Suppose if you are trying to create facts skill,choose alexa-skill-kit-sdk-factskill
  • Click on configure.
  • Now you can code your lambda function in node js.

Steps in developer account

  • Create your amazon developer account from developer console.
  • Choose amazon alexa once logged in the developer console
  • Then choose the tab Alexa skills kit –> start a skill.
  • Click on create skill –> Enter your skill name.
  • Choose custom option and click on create skill.
  • Now your developer console is ready to develop skills.
  • What are you waiting for,build,test and launch your skill soon.

Not clear still,wait for the next post to know more on building intents,using invocations,writing a lambda function,choosing region and finally test with the simulator and launch your skill on alexa skill store.

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